Jamotec J2 Professional Ham Holder


Where to begin? Jamotec is the undisputed leader in ham holders. If a cadre of German engineers studied the ham holding problem for a decade, the J2 would be the result. This ham holder features numerous patented innovations that make ham cutting a pleasure. The size-adjustable cuff (the part that holds the foreleg) rotates and locks on two axes, allowing for absolute positioning of the ham. As you cut the ham, you need to rotate it to reach different areas. With a normal ham holder this entails unscrewing the pins that hold the ham in place, moving the ham, and screwing the pins back into place. The problem is that most ham holders will only accommodate a few positions – depending on the shape of the leg, the pins may not engage properly and the ham will move around, making it difficult to cut. To rotate a ham held by a J2 one simply unlocks the cuff, rotates it to the desired position, and locks it again. Any ham, no matter what size or shape, is held firmly at the exact angle you choose.
Guaranteed for 10 years.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 50 cm
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