Fast Free Delivery

JamonExperts ships exclusively with UPS, which we’ve found to be reliable and efficient. Delivery via UPS Standard (4-6 working days to most of the UK, including customs processing) is free on orders over £200.

For faster service choose one of the express options at checkout.

We will email you tracking as soon as we process your order. Orders received by 8:00 am (and sometimes later) go out the same day. 

Please note that post-Brexit, we have a minimum order of £140. Orders of less than £140 are subject to a different VAT collection scheme that, for the time being at least, creates additional paperwork and lengthy delays.  We realise a minimum order requirement can be inconvenient and do apologise- we’ll eliminate it if the situation changes.

By law, UK customs now handles VAT collection. So all our prices are exclusive of VAT, and you will receive a separate invoice for any VAT that applies to your order.   

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