Why the minimum order of £140?

Post-Brexit, orders of less than £140 are subject to a different VAT collection scheme that, for the time being at least, creates additional paperwork and lengthy delays. Orders of £140 and above are simpler and arrive within 4-6 working days. We realise a minimum order requirement can be inconvenient and do apologise- we’ll eliminate it if the situation changes.

Will Brexit affect my order?

Aside from the minimum order requirement, no. The only other difference is that now we don’t charge VAT, the UK government does. So all our prices are exclusive of VAT, and you will receive a separate invoice for any VAT that applies to your order.   

How long will my order take to arrive? Where do you ship from?

Delivery via UPS Standard (free on orders over £200) takes 4-6  working days (including customs processing) to most of the UK. Choose UPS Express to receive it in 1-3 working days. Most orders received before 09.00 Mon-Fri are shipped the same day. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation with tracking the moment we ship your order. Your order is safely packaged to ensure it arrives fresh and in perfect condition. 

We ship from our hub outside of Barcelona. Wait, Spain? Don’t panic- we’ve been doing this for nearly a decade. UPS shipping is tracked, quick, and reliable. Shipping from Spain allows us to sell the best jamon at Spanish prices. 

How do I store a bone-in jamon? 

Before you cut into it, your jamon will easily keep for three months. If you’re keeping it for a week or two, you can leave it in its box out of the sun. To store it for a longer time, it’s better to put it on a jamon stand or to hang it. In both cases, it’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight. Once you start cutting it, it’s best to store it on its stand.

How long does a jamon last?

 You can keep your jamon without cutting into it for 3 months, but it’s best to store it on a jamon holder or hang it. Once you start eating it, it will last about a month. It’s best to cut from it regularly, to keep it from drying out. One good trick is to save the first big piece of skin you cut from it and use that to cover the exposed bits.

Does jamon need to be refrigerated?

 Bone-in jamones do not need refrigeration. Off-the-bone jamones and sliced jamon are best kept in the refrigerator once you open them, however.

How do I choose a jamon?

We thought you’d never ask! See our guide, All About Jamon!

Is jamon hard to slice?

Slicing a bone-in jamon takes a bit of practice! But it’s fun practice. You’ll need a ham stand and a long flexible jamon or filleting knife. Use a sharp serrated knife to cut through the skin (which would dull the jamon knife). If you’re using the free knife that we include with our ham stands, sharpen it often (and consider investing in a better knife). The goal is to cut slices so thin they are translucent. Don’t be afraid of a bit of white fat on your slices, it adds to the flavour. Discard yellow fat.  We suggest watching a few Youtube videos on the subject. 

Boneless jamon
can be cut by hand with a very sharp knife, but it’s best done on a slicer. We’ve found that a friendly local deli will often slice it for you for a few quid, some slices, or a smile.

How much jamon do I need?

Most back-leg jamones weigh between 7 and 8 kg. Properly sliced, about half of this is tasty jamon (the rest is skin, fat, and bone). If you are serving ham as a tapa or starter, 50g per person is a good rule (although people will eat a lot more if left to their own devices, good jamón is highly addictive). For a main course 100g is more appropriate.

A shoulder jamon (front-leg, or paleta in Spanish) usually weighs between 4 and 5 kg and contains slightly more fat than a whole ham – it’s about 40% tasty ham by weight.

What is your returns policy?

We want our customers to be satisfied. If your order doesn’t meet your expectations, contact us within 14 days. Email us at info@jamonexperts.co.uk. We’ll make things right.

If you order and change your mind before we ship, we’ll happily refund your order less the 3% that our credit card processor charges us.

Do you send jamon to the rest of Europe?

We do! For jamon (kinkku) in Finland, see https://iberiankinkku.fi. For jamon (skinke) in Denmark, see https://spanskskinke.dk. More countries coming soon!

Do you send jamon to the USA?

If you’d like to send jamon Iberico to the USA, please use our American site, https://hamlovers.com

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Jamonexperts.co.uk is owned and operated by Ibericsa SL, P.I. Catex Moli, 08640 Olesa de Montserrat, Spain.

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